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What is a Protection Order In Colorado?

You may have seen a celebrity or a character on a police show get a restraining order, probably to stop someone from getting within a certain distance of them.

In Colorado, restraining orders are officially called “protection orders,” but they work the same way. Protection orders are designed to protect anyone who fears for their safety by making it illegal for the threatening person to contact, intimidate, or otherwise go near the persons protected by the order.

There are several different types of protection order in Colorado. Put simply, a different kind will be issued depending on whether or not the person it is against violated a criminal law or committed a felony.

When Can I File a Protection Order?

With the help of a protection order lawyer, you can file a protection order to protect you or your children from intimidating or threating behaviors. A Colorado court will usually issue a protection order based only on “imminent harm” or the threat of harm even if you haven’t been harmed.

Unfortunately, many protection orders are issued in response to allegations of domestic abuse, either against a spouse or a child. It is not uncommon to have a protection order filed at the beginning of a custody or divorce case.

Protection orders are also commonly issued to help stop emotional abuse, stalking, or threats of violence, sometimes by other family members. Depending on how urgent the threat is, a judge may issue a temporary protection order immediately. A temporary order may become permanent later on.

How Can a Protective Order Attorney Help Me With My Protection Order?

If you need a restraining order to keep you or your family safe, a protection order lawyer can help you make sure you are following the right procedures. Navigating the court system can be tough, and an experienced attorney can help you get a protective order quickly.

If you need the protection order as the first step in a longer process, such as divorce or custody proceedings, an attorney can also help you make sure you stay on the right track.

Need to File a Protection Order?

If you or a family member has been threatened or fears for your safety, don’t wait. Contact the Law Office of Eric M. Edwards to speak with an experienced protective order attorney about getting a protection order.