moving out of state with a child

What is Child Relocation?

When parents divorce (or split up if they were never married), custody can be one the largest issues.

Child relocation is when one custodial parent wishes to move, usually to another state, and the move will significantly change the ability of the other parent to visit the child.

Although it is possible, moving out of state with a child can be a difficult process. Regardless of the type of custody agreement, relocating a child usually requires a discussion between both parents about the child’s best interests.

Can a Parent Take a Child Out of State with Joint Custody?

In a joint custody situation, it is possible for one parent to move out of state and take the child with them. The process is not as simple as just deciding to move, however. At the very least, many states require the non-moving parent to consent to the relocation.

Although it varies by state, courts also look at several other factors before allowing a parent to move out of state with a child. Generally, it comes down to balancing the benefits of the move, whether the move is in good faith, and how much it affects the other parent’s visitation rights.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me With My Child Relocation Case?

It can be difficult to manage a relationship after it ends in divorce. If you and your child’s parent can’t come to an agreement yourselves or with mediation, hiring a lawyer can help you get through the process.

Child custody laws vary widely from state to state, and understanding your rights and what you can and can’t do may be difficult or impossible. A lawyer can help you navigate the court system during a child relocation trial.

Because moving a child out of state is a major decision, it’s important to hire someone who knows how to protect your interests.

Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney

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